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Random Ramsdom: Robert Kraft to pay $1 million! Will it close "The Gate"?

Supposedly, in the doldrums of the NFL season, there is in fact a great deal going on around the league as teams sign their draft picks, the franchise owners talk shop and relocation. Robert Kraft has some words for Roger Goodell, and even a Native American town enters the picture. Read on...

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Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Robert Kraft throws in the towel -ESPN

In a rather surprising move, Robert Kraft has declined an appeal of the NFL sanctions handed down by Roger Goodell, accepting the fine of $1,000,000 [I dare you to not say that in a Dr. Evil voice] as well as the loss of next years first round draft pick and a fourth rounder in 2017.

Too harsh? Not enough? Either way, that part is a done deal. But was it perhaps part of a ploy?

Then there is the thorny issue of Tom Brady's four game suspension. That appeal is still moving forward as confirmed by the NFLPA.

Jim Kelly weighs in on Tom Brady - Sports Illustrated

"There is no doubt," Kelly said." There’s no way that an equipment manager of the National Football League is going to do something to the football without the greatest quarterback ever to play [knowing about it]… He knows. But the thing is, if you do something like that you are going to get caught. Tom didn’t need to do it. He’s a good friend of mine. But why? He could throw a football if it was over-inflated or deflated."

Adrian Peterson to get back pay? -NFL

Being the busy, little beavers that they are, the NFLPA has also filed a motion on behalf of Adrian Peterson.

Random Tweet of the Day...

A new and potentially huge wrinkle in St. Louis' stadium plans -Forbes

A $1 billion plan to build a new stadium for the St. Louis Rams NFL team has archaeologists and Native Americans up in arms because of its proposed riverfront location. Just a few blocks northwest of the current Edward Jones Dome, the remains of two dozen earthen mounds dot the Mississippi River bank. While the mounds were flattened in the 1800s to accommodate the rise of St. Louis as an urban center, underneath the buildings and parking lots is a 900-year-old Native American town.

Arizona Cardinals getting an early start -AZ Central

The Cardinals begin a month of organized team activities today, which suggests their activities over the previous month were disorganized.

That's not the case.

But OTAs (translation: practices) are slightly different. Players can be required to wear helmets, and full-team sessions (offense vs. defense) are permitted, as long as there is no contact.

Ryan Tannehill's agent screws Seahawks, Seattle GM John Schneider to congratulate him -SB Nation

Seattle is really worried about this Tannehill contract thingy -The Seattle Times

In the final analysis, the Ryan Tannehill contract probably won’t mean much when it comes to the Seahawks and Russell Wilson. When the Tannehill deal was announced Monday — and then particularly when it was revealed that the last four years were worth $77 million in new money and that it featured $45 million guaranteed overall — it was tempting to think it might make Seattle’s job extending Russell Wilson a lot more difficult.

After the retirement of Justin Smith, what next for the 49ers? -The Sacremento Bee

Justin Smith has been on the right side of the defensive line since he arrived in 2008, and until recently, he hardly ever came off the field. Who takes over now that he's suddenly not there? The early plan is for Glenn Dorsey, who lined up in a similar spot when he was with the Chiefs, to take over on base downs and for Tank Carradine to come in on passing downs. That could mean a roughly 50-50 split for the season.

Now, sadly, it is time to sign off. But first! Some tunes!

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