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2015 NFL Draft: Bryce Hager Analysis w/ Poll

The St. Louis Rams finally draft a player on defense. In the 7th round the Rams select Bryce Hager.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The St. Louis Rams granted running back Zac Stacy a chance to start fresh by trading him to the New York Jets, and with that 7th round selection the team selected linebacker Bryce Hager.

The Rams were rumored to draft a linebacker early in the draft, but as always with the draft, it seems like plans fell through. It was a mild surprise that the Rams drafted a linebacker really late, but the Rams have no problem drafting players late and letting them work on special teams.

Here is NFL Network's scouting report on Hager.


With his burst to the ball and ability to cover, Hager would be best suited for a 4-3 defense looking for an athletic linebacker who can make plays outside of his area. Hager might end up a late-round pick, but teams like his production and chase traits.

Hager is more than likely a player that will have to make a living on special teams for the majority of his career. Could he become a starter? That is a long shot, but he could become a backup spot starter for the Rams down the road.

Grade: C+