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2015 NFL Draft: Cody Wichmann Reaction & Poll

The Rams drafted their fourth offensive linemen and of course he is a good run blocker.

Donald Miralle/Getty Images

The St. Louis Rams decided that the offensive line can not have enough players on it and decided to draft guard Cody Wichmann from Fresno State.

The Rams offensive line finally have young depth. Wichmann is a player that fits the smash-mouth mentality that the Rams want to employ this season. He is regarded as a phone-booth player meaning that he can move players out of the way, but he will not go and chase them, sounds like a player that the Rams should be interested in.

Here is a scouting report on Wichmann.

Durable, NFL­-caliber build with average to below­-average feet, but above-average strength and anchor. Wichmann will be limited by his lack of athleticism and will need to find a home in a power­-blocking scheme that allows him to live in a phone booth and maul his opposition.

The Rams want to run the ball, and Wichmann and the other new offensive linemen that the Rams drafted will have to be able to get it done. Looks like the Rams want to go young and although it has not been mentioned I wonder if Wichmann could become a center? If not, it's not as if the Rams did not need depth.

Grade: C+