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2015 NFL Draft: Andrew Donnal Analysis and Grade w/ Approval Poll

How do you feel about the Rams drafting their third offensive linemen? This time it is offensive tackle Andrew Donnal, who can play guard or tackle.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The St. Louis Rams decided to draft another offensive lineman, this time it's Andrew Donnal from Iowa.

The Rams have decided to attack their offensive line needs by drafting three offensive linemen so far in the draft. Unlike the other two run blocking offensive linemen, the Rams added a player that can actually pass block and he has good hand placement which means his technique is sound.

Here is NFL Network with a scouting report on Donnal.

Donnal is limited from an athletic and strength standpoint but understands the nuances of the position and how to play with technique. With an ability to pass protect and experience at both guard and tackle, he should be drafted and has a legitimate shot at making a roster.

The Rams biggest need heading into the 2015 NFL Draft was the offensive line and yes, these players are rookies, but the Rams added some players that can either start or have a good chance of developing into solid linemen. Time will tell on how good Donnal will be for the Rams, but he will get his chance to battle for a starting position.

Grade B