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San Diego Unveils Stadium Plan As Chargers, Raiders Complete Land Deal In LA And Hire PM

As the race to Los Angeles speeds up, the competing California plans are rollercoastering their way through the offseason, minus Kroenke's Inglewood plan.

There's actually been a pretty big chunk of news on the Los Angeles stadium storyline, but it's all within California state borders.

San Diego Stadium Group Unveils Plan

Bolts From the Blue has this covered, obviously, but the key is that the planning group, called the Citzens' Stadium Advisory Group (CSAG), finally put some details together. The link in the headline has those details, but it's a start. There are still some questionable points though, and asking for $120m apiece from the city and the state isn't going to go down all that well in 2015 regardless of the city or state:

Academic studies typically find no discernible positive relationship between sports facility construction and economic development. Most evidence suggests that sports subsidies cannot be justified on the grounds of local economic development, income growth, or job creation. In fact, after twenty years of academic research on the topic, "peer reviewed economics journals contain almost no evidence," that sports stadiums or franchises measurably improve local economies.

Chargers Owner Hands Team To Sons To Oversee Stadium Talks

Self-explanatory, but indicative of how much the talks need experience in the discussions. Speaking of...

Chargers, Raiders Complete Land Deal In Carson, Hire Project Lead

Two separate developments there, but both leading in the same direction. Both teams are lending themselves heavily to the Carson plan. The Raiders have been pretty vocal about how far apart they are on stadium details with Oakland. Throw in today's quotes from Raiders Owner Mark Davis, and either the team is staying in Oakland or they're headed to Carson. And with former 49ers and Browns exec Camren Policy overseeing the Carson effort, the Los Angeles/San Diego/St. Louis/Oakland quadrumvirate is replete with legitimate executives throughout.

So we shouldn't be surprised at the reported confidence coming from the owners in San Francisco regarding the momentum toward NFL football in Los Angeles in 2016.

At this point, though, it's a race to the top with the decision to come "late in the fall, perhaps ahead of the league's meeting in December."