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2015 St. Louis Rams: How Unsettled Is The QB Position?

Rotoworld ranked the Rams in the bottom third in their "Best QB Situations" list. Unfair?

Billy Hurst-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, Rotoworld's Patrick Daugherty offered his rankings of the best QB situations across the league. This wasn't a straight QB ranking like offered. As he explained:

This list will look dramatically different than a straightforward ranking based on 2015 expectations alone. Not that 2015 is completely discounted. Simply having a good quarterback locked down for one season is an achievement many teams can’t muster. But the focus is on the future, particularly the next 3-5 years.

It's a fair issue to consider, especially for Rams fans coming out of the Sam Bradford era. In 2010, the Rams had settled their 3-5 year plan. In 2015, there is none. So it shouldn't be all that upsetting that the Rams came in at 26th in Daugherty's rankings:

Is Nick Foles the Rams’ best quarterback since Marc Bulger? Such is the depressing state of the position in St. Louis. The bar isn’t high for Foles. He simply has to be better than Sam Bradford. The Rams know they didn’t acquire the quarterback who posted a 27:2 TD:INT ratio in 2013. The question is if they’re even getting the 59.8 percent passer from last season. Foles’ pedestrian 2014 (before he broke his collarbone) came with a much more impressive supporting cast than the one he’s inheriting in St. Louis. That’s to say nothing of the brain drain between coaching staffs. Foles is not a special talent, and there’s a chance he’s not even an ordinary one. Heading into the final year of his rookie contract, the odds are no better than 50-50 that Foles will be back as the Rams’ starter in 2016.

What was a bit surprising, but more telling of the market, is that both Sam Bradford and the Philadelphia Eagles as well as Robert Griffin III and Washington rank below St. Louis. The Rams received flak for passing on Mark Sanchez and had it piled on after a 2012 season at the end of which RGIII was anointed as the next QB to enter the Brady/Manning/Brees tier after Aaron Rodgers (and not Andrew Luck).

Times change.

So it's worth taking this in stride and accepting the Rams just haven't gotten a long-term solution unless Foles or Sean Mannion far exceed expectations. It's also worth recognizing that won't keep them out of the playoffs in and of itself. Arizona is ranked just one slot higher than the Rams and have won 21 games the last two years.

The Rams just have to find a way to win more games while the hunt for a QB goes on. And on. And on...