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Random Ramsdom 5/19: NFL in LA Gains Momentum

As if there could be a more 2014/2015 typical Rams title, we're again looking at LA-related rumors.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Offseason Update

What storylines should YOU pay attention to for OTAs?

The Rams have stockpiled talent. Will they stockpile wins?


A look at just how run-centric Jeff Fisher has been.

Britt Hager, Bryce's father, finished his career with STL. Now, Bryce is starting there.

This could be a heading every day. Still, here's the latest developments.

The Rams may have an advantage due to Kroenke's pockets, but how exactly do the plans match up?


As has fit the narrative of this offseason, the 49ers are near the bottom. Who else falls on this tentative list?

Coming in second, just between both teams that selected 1st round QBs, is the STL Rams.

Around the NFL

These six have the most to prove; unsurprisingly, Sam Bradford finds his name on this list.

What teams fall on this? Will it translate to success?

Yet another tragedy coming out of the NFL.

The Patriots and NFL want to negotiate, but could there actually be compromise?

The Owners will vote on new PAT measures at Spring meetings.

Again, the 49ers suffer what seems to be the millionth blow of the offseason.