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Steven Jackson, Please Come Home.

An open letter to Steven Jackson.

Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Dear Steve (if I may call you that, otherwise Mr. Jackson),

Please sign a one year deal and come back to the St. Louis Rams.

For many years, you were the one and only star on a Rams team that...well, failed to flourish. Despite everything, the first round draft picks, the flashy free agency signings, the promises and of course, the hopes. It was you, sir, that delivered and in a very big way. Week in and week out, you stepped up. You did your job and more. Over and over you put the offense on your shoulders and punished the defense for having the temerity to challenge our Rams. Despite the fact that those Rams teams had little in the way of respect, I assure you, that you have a special place in the hearts of many Ramned Faithful.

We need a veteran and gifted halfback. Not just anyone, but one who is both a past Ram and undeniably passionate about the game. Of course you know that we drafted Todd Gurley and you also know that we have the blossoming Tre Mason and the stalwart Benny Cunningham. The power of Gurley, the speed of Mason and the Swiss-Army knife that is Cunningham, will all pay dividends in the future. They are a huge boon to the Rams and to the position of halfback in general. That is exactly why we need you.

It is more than mere experience. It is the philosophical framework that you and only you could provide for these youngsters, that would be of incalculable benefit. You, Mr. Jackson are the bridge between the Greatest Show on Turf and the current regime under head coach Jeff Fisher. Jeff Fisher is a coach, no need to tell you, who understands the value of the running back and just what the position can do for a franchise. Besides a bridge between eras, you would also be the bridge between players and coaches. The journeyman. The expert. Answering to the bosses, yes, but also, in your own right, being a mentor and an influence to these young backs, who still have much to learn, but are certain to accomplish great things.

No doubt, some Rams fan would balk at another running back. "What? Didn't we just draft Todd Gurley at #10 overall, plus we have Tre Mason know...that other guy?"

If it was any other back, I would agree with them, but the possibility of getting SJ 39 back, even if only for one year, is worth a mint. This is the year that the Rams show just what they can do and it will be on the shoulders of the defense and the backfield. They are the ones who will take this team to the post season and I speak for many, when I say that we would love to have you right there with us, leading the charge.


Charles Martel