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2015 NFL Power Rankings: USA Today Goes Big For Rams

Somebody likey.

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Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

USA Today dropped some new power rankings today, and my goodness do they like the Rams.

#11 - St. Louis Rams

If Nick Foles is even OK, if rookie Todd Gurley is even 85%, promising group should be good enough to end playoff absence.

That's....serious praise. It's also not asking for much to "end playoff absence." I get these power rankings. They're trying to project the unprojectable, which is admirable, but they're really going for it here.

Pittsburgh at 15. Cincinnati at 16. Dallas at 18. Detroit at 19. Those four all made the playoffs last year.

On the other side, Buffalo at 9. Miami at 10. And yes, the Rams at 11 jumping Arizona at 12.

And if somehow seeing the Rams a top 12 team doesn't buoy your confidence, I dare you to not find a shred of enjoyment at the 49ers being down at #28.

In any case, take it in. We're not going to see many power rankings this favorable for the Rams for quite some time. As has always been the case, they're going to have to earn their way into a top 10 spot...unless USA Today wants to go big.