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Random Ramsdom 5/12/15: Deflate Gate; Patriots Punished

Big news was made yesterday when the NFL laid down its suspension and sanctions on Tom Brady and the Patriots. Elsewhere, we browse through the latest Rams news.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Offseason Update

UDFA, Daniel Rodriguez, war veteran, signs with Rams.

With a slew of inexperienced players set to take over, is Barksdale really expendable?


The cheer-leading finalists for the 2015/16  Rams.

While I doubt even Fisher has thought this far ahead, a 2016 WR isn't a ridiculous thought.

NFL Draft

Rams season ticket holder, Steve Lumley, tells about his draft experience in Chicago.

Behind the scenes on the announcements of day three Rams draft choices.

With rookie camp begun, the Rams prepare their rookies for the grueling season ahead.

Coming off an injury, Gurley looks to rehab strongly.

3 tidbits to be had following rookie orientation.

Rams' Wichmann receives praise.

Around the NFL

Unsurprisingly, Tom Brady will more probably than not sit until at least week five.

It was in keeping with past precedents set.

Is Gurley on this list? Considering he'll likely miss considerable time, likely not.

With attention drifted away from the free agent market, select names remain available.