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2015 NFL Draft: Rob Havenstein Analysis and Grade w/ Approval Poll

Beef. It's what's for dinner.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Did I mention last night the Rams want to run the ball? I'll say it again: they want to run the ball.

The Rams traded back in the 2nd round, added another pick in day two (and day three!) and grabbed a monster right tackle in Rob Havenstein. After mixed reactions to Todd Gurley, the team went and added a sorely missing road-grading offensive lineman. It's time to stop complaining.

Another Fisher selection through and through, Havenstein is a pure mauler and fits almost solely as a right tackle in a power run scheme. Luckily, that's exactly what the Rams need. His huge size allows him to literally wall off defenders and is about as reliable as it comes, playing in 54 games over his career in college. He also possesses a non-stop motor and will play until the whistle every down.

His combine numbers might scare you (I'm sure you've seen his skeptical bench press numbers), but don't fall for it. His lower body strength is astronomical and he's an impressive anchor on runs. He may look lumbering on tape (keep in mind he's taller than everyone else on the field) but he's functional enough that players aren't simply going to turn the corner on him as if he's stuck in slow motion.

There's also this fun fact, which should bring a smile to even the meanest Ram fan:

He's steadily improved his draft stock since the Senior Bowl and made a big enough impact to be picked higher than where some thought he would be taken. Here's Matt Miller during the Senior Bowl on Havenstein:

I'm sure it's tough to swallow for some fans considering the wackiness of the 2nd round, but Havenstein's sheer size, power and experience are exactly what the Rams need on the offensive line. With an off-season workout program and repetition, Havenstein has the potential to be a tremendous mauler for the Rams in 2015.

It's a great start to improving the offensive line. Keep it up!

Grade: B+