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Random Ramsdom 1 May: Rams Add Gurley, Look to Day 2

The Rams procrastinated adding OL on day 1. When will they address their biggest need?

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Jim Thomas echoes Rams fans everywhere

If this highlight reel is any indication.... he can

Todd Gurley Scouting Report | Bleacher Report

Pro comparison: Shaun Alexander. I think he's more explosive than that, but we'll see how he is Post-ACL

This kinda feels like that time in Madden you had a position stacked and the players hated you.....

Day 2/3 Predictions | Bleacher Report

Can't Argue with doubling on OL in rounds 2/3. Following that up with Grayson may ease the burn of the Gurley pick for some fans

Thumbs up/down for each 1st Round Pick | ESPN

Some might view this pick as a complete surprise, but that's only for those who haven't paid attention to Rams coach Jeff Fisher's affinity for the running game and running backs. Gurley is the fifth running back the Rams have drafted in four years with Fisher at the helm. He's also clearly the highest rated of those backs and the one who gives the Rams a chance to finally be the power-running team they've long wanted to be. Coming off a knee injury, Gurley doesn't come without his share of risk but the Rams believe he's the best back to come out of the draft since Adrian Peterson. If Gurley lives up to that lofty comparison, he's worth it.

Thumbs up. -- Nick Wagoner

Gurley Not Running from Questions | ESPN

The Rams shiny new RB isn't dodging durability questions nor questions about his ineligibility last year.

1st Round Drought Ends for RBs | ESPN

You may have heard by now that the Rams ended that at #10. Pairing him with Tre Mason gives the Rams arguably the most intriguing RB tandem in the NFL.

Rams Going All-In on Run Game | ESPN

Call it going all in, doubling down, adding to a strength... but regardless of how you coin it, they need OL help if any of they are going to capitalize on the RB talent.

Rams Get 'B' for Gurley Pick | BleacherReport

Comparisons to Willis McGahee aren't exactly promising....

Gurley Remembers Ogletree | Fox Sports

They will rekindle their friendship on the Rams. Hopefully on the field and not in the training room.

Weighing Risk/Reward with Gurley | Fox Sports

Best quote of the night.....

So it was that a reporter asked, "I'll be the smart-ass and ask, Who's going to block for him?"

"They did make this thing a three-day event," Snead replied. "We have to live through Friday and Saturday, so we'll see if we can help improve that position there. We'll still let the board guide us, but ... we're well aware."

Gurley and quarterback Nick Foles sure hope so.

Best Moves of 1st Round | The Sporting News

"The Rams take a chance on greatness"

Best Players Available |, and TSN

Plenty of talent to go around still. Personally, I think A.J. Cann is looking like a mighty fine deal at #41.

OL Options Dwindle | STL Today

Could picking Gurley cost the Rams a QB on day 2?

Gurley Highlights | St Louis Rams Official Website

Fisher/Snead Presser | St Louis Rams Official Website

Gurley Presser | St Louis Rams Official Website