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Breaking Insider News: St. Louis Rams Shed Light On Janoris Jenkins' Deepest Thoughts

In an amazingly thought-provoking interview, the Rams' lead thought correspondent went where no one had been before.

Janoris Jenkins is the RamsInstagram champion. He's also a phenomenal Tweeter.


He also works out with Legendary Fatboy and throws parties with DJ Shithouse. In short, I love Janoris Jenkins. So you'll understand how excited I was when I saw I had missed an interview with Jenkins on the Rams' website from Monday (huge get for them, BTW).

Yes, this interview, which promised "to shed light on who he is beyond the white lines," would change the way we looked at Janoris as a man and as a football player. And who landed the big scoop?

Rams Assistant Payroll Manager Mary Benne.

Not familiar with Benne's previous work? Let's check out her official team bio:

Mary Benne bio


She is listed under the Finance & Admin team on the team's front office roster, but then again when your Google snippet is as awesome as this:

Benne loading

...maybe we shouldn't go all in on the front office page.

But hey, maybe the interview will be a hard hitting affair.

MB: What makes you smile?

JJ: Just getting up every day, coming to work and to be around my teammates.


MB: How do you encourage your teammates?

JJ: I just try to play as hard as I can, make as many plays as I can and just leave my play on the field.

File this under Janoris Jenkins, Awesomeness #4,622. Oh, and start a Mary Benne file apparently.