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2015 NFL Free Agency: OT Joe Barksdale Visiting Tennesee

The Rams right tackle of late is headed to Nashville later this week.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

That's the first inkling of news out of the Barksdale camp since the season ended. Part of the delay was Barksdale relationship status; he's now a married man. The other, though, was a weaker market play. While Barksdale may have been tied up with wedding plans, ceremonies and the honeymoon, his agents weren't. But it's that lull in between the opening flood of free agency and the draft where team news slowly trickles out as the occasional free agent plug stops a hole from widening.

For the Rams, those immediate holes are on the offensive line with openings at guard to replace Davin Joseph, center to replace Scott Wells and, should Barksdale leave, tackle.

Then again, Barksdale heading to Tennessee may be the first step in Fish's master plan...