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Random Ramsdom 4/7: March Madness Ends, The Draft Nears

You know we're getting exceedingly closer to the draft now that March Madness has been put to rest.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Offseason Updates

Other than offensive line, where else do the Rams need to patch holes?

Returning Greg Williams and adding to their ensemble, the Rams should be set to go big in '15.

Here's, well, the Rams' offseason program schedule.


Demand for a vote on a potential new stadium is escalating.

According to rumor, Mason is set to break out in 2015. We'll see.

It would certainly aid the offense for Britt to step up his game another level.

Draft Tracker

Here's a look at what the Rams could do in all seven rounds.

We've seen so many. Jamarcus Russell, Akili Smith, but who takes the crown for the Rams?

The 10th edition gathering all Rams-related mocks.

For each position, here's the guy flying farthest under the radar.

Spotlight: Second Pick?

Could the Rams swoop in to pick two? I don't know, but the Titans are open to swapping.

Around the NFL:

After seeing photos of the case, the NFL dropped its suit of Hardy.

Aaron Hernandez should never have passed the NFL drug test, but he did.

The best free agent remaining from each team.