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2015 NFL Draft: Positional Big Board (C)

We've looked at tackles and guards and now here's the last of the offensive linemen. With three less-than-appealing options on the roster currently, it's entirely possible a center is selected early on. Here's a look.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The 2015 NFL Draft is nearer than ever and the Rams still have needs all across the line though in some places more so than other. However, one of the key needs is center.

Last season, Scott Wells played the position and he rated out poorly (as did the rest of the line) so a replacement was in order. With Wells no longer on the roster, current options include Demetrius Rhaney, Barrett Jones and Tim Barnes. I can't say I'm excited for any of those choices. It seems a center is in order, but at the same time, the learning curves that come with a young center aren't appealing. So, the Rams should look to draft the most NFL-ready center possible.

Here's what the TST staff thinks those choices look like:

Player 1st Choices 2nd Choices 3rd Choices
Cameron Erving 7 0 1
Reese Dismukes 1 5 2
Hroniss Grasu 0 4 3
Max  Garcia 0 0 1

This shows that Cameron Erving is the clear favorite and in-all-likelihood the first center off the board in 2015. However, Erving likely falls between the Rams first and second picks making his acquisition without a trade less than likely.

On the other hand, Grasu is a more athletic, less-powerful center. While trading power for athleticism panned out with Aaron Donald, Grasu is another story. However, Dismukes is similar. He has short arms and less-than-ideal power, but is quick on his feet. In other words, neither Dismukes nor Grasu are going to be bulldozing centers, if that's what the Rams want.

So, what should the Rams do at center? Max Garcia more so encapsulates the power-center the Rams have gone for in past drafts, but would he be any help? He's a mid-round prospect for a reason. Cameron Erving is definitely the most promising, but the Rams fall out of range to pick him barring a trade.

In conclusion, it's likely the Rams' center is on the roster already. As unappealing as it sounds, that's the stark reality. Don't rule a center out because it's possible but a guard seems more likely.

Thoughts? Agree/disagree? Let us know in the comments! Happy Easter, to those who celebrate!