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St. Louis Rams: Competition At Backup QB and the 2015 NFL Draft [POLL]

The St. Louis Rams currently have three quarterbacks on their depth chart. What will the competition look like heading into 2015?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

While there’s still a bit of uncertainty surrounding the quarterback position for the St. Louis Rams, one thing is certain:  there will be a new face at starting QB in 2015.  Sam Bradford, the team’s starter since being drafted first overall in 2010 is now in Philly, having swapped spots with the Eagles’ starter from 2014.

After that, things get a bit shaky, and with the first few weeks of free agency behind us, it appears the Rams will be looking to create a bit of competition for the backup QB spot - and potentially as a starter - via the 2015 NFL draft.

But just how will it all shake out?  I’ll give it a shot, but you be the judge!

1.  Nick Foles

Go ahead and pencil him in as your starter.  2013 Nick Foles was something special.  He’s not losing the starting job to either of the other two QB’s currently on the Rams’ roster, and he certainly gives them the best chance to win.

2.  Rookie

I don’t see the Rams trading up to get Marcus Mariota, and I certainly don’t see them doing so to get Jameis Winston, who many believe will be the first player off the board.  That said, if the Rams were wise, they’d look to add a quarterback in the 2nd-4th rounds.  Scour the internet if you’d like, but most big boards are going to rank the drafts 3rd-5th best quarterbacks [in no particular order] as Brett Hundley [UCLA], Garrett Grayson [Colorado State], and Bryce Petty [Baylor].  Waiting until the 4th round could leave the Rams in a similar situation as last year...where they drafted a guy who’s already on another [Super Bowl winning-] team’s roster.

3.  Austin Davis

In all likelihood, Davis sticks around.  As aforementioned, they've only got three QB’s on the roster and Davis is familiar with the offense.  He showed flashes early in 2014, and had future hall-of-famers calling him "the next Tom Brady or Kurt Warner."  That didn’t last though, as coaches tape became available for the relatively unknown QB, and Davis ultimately lost the starting gig to Shaun Hill, who signed with the Vikings less than a month ago.  Starting tight ends choose not to high five him, even when they don’t catch the ball.

4.  Case Keenum

Fourth spot on the roster sounds about right.  Last year, the Rams claimed Keenum off waivers from Houston.  They really liked his upside....until October 28th when they waived him, after trading for Mark Barron.  But then they really liked him much so that they traded away a 2016 7th round pick to re-acquire him.  They traded away a draft pick for a player they already had on their roster.  And that, as they say, is a "Total Rams Move."


The 2015 NFL season will mark the fourth in the Jeff Fisher, Les Snead era.  They’ve yet to get the team above .500 and their time may be running out.  It’s yet to be seen if Nick Foles is the answer at quarterback, but not having a viable backup, or someone to challenge for the starting spot, will certainly make aspirations of a playoff run [and staying employed with the Rams] short lived.  If the Rams acquired the 2014 version of Foles, then waiting around in the draft while the aforementioned rookies are signed by other teams can only make for eye-gouging football, expletives, and overindulgence of adult libations in the year to come.