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2015 NFL Draft: Zac Stacy To Ask Rams For Release Or Trade Following Todd Gurley Selection

Having stocked up on running backs year after year, the Rams are now forced to figure out how to settle out the depth. Part of that is dealing with a Zac Stacy who wants out.

Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

That was quick.

After the Gurley selection, Stacy quickly took to Twitter with a simple reaction taking it down shortly thereafter. The response? "Yikes." Stacy knew what it meant. And we do too. Stacy's deep enough on the RB depth chart going into camp that he might not even see the field in 2015 barring injuries above him on that chart.

This is, of course, a function of the Rams overdrafting the position as I pointed out a couple weeks ago.

Name POS Year Round Pick (Ovr)
Todd Gurley RB 2015 1 10 (10)
Tre Mason RB 2014 3 11 (75)
Zac Stacy RB 2013 5 27 (160)
Isaiah Pead RB 2012 2 18 (50)
Daryl Richardson RB 2012 7 45 (252)

That one way to waste your draft capital.

As it stands, they had a fifth-round hit who ran for nearly 1,000 yards in 2013. They elected to replace him with Tre Mason who similarly had a positive year one in 2014. Now both will be pushed into reserve roles to make way for rookie standout Todd Gurley.

As for the trade potential, I'm not sure why teams would give much up for Stacy. He's relegated to a 3rd slot at best, potentially a 4th depending on how the staff sees Benny Cunningham's role. That's not going to get much capital from teams who will certainly be willing to ride their own current efforts to upgrade the RB position and see if Stacy is the victim of a roster cut later in the offseason.

In the end, overdrafting has effects.