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2015 NFL Draft: Who Is Georgia RB Todd Gurley, The Newest Member of the St. Louis Rams?

The St. Louis Rams made a shocking selection with the 10th pick of the 2015 NFL Draft with selecting running back from Georgia Todd Gurley. It is time to learn a little more about the young man.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

The St. Louis Rams drafted running back Todd Gurley with the 10th pick in the NFL Draft. This move was a surprising selection for many people because the Rams drafted third-round choice Tre Mason last season and he had a solid season.

Regardless on the why, the Rams picked up a stud at running back. As much of a stud Gurley is, it was still a shock that the Rams drafted him this early. Not only is the precedent not to draft a running back in the first round, but they drafted one in the top-ten coming off of a torn ACL injury.

Gurley is one of those running backs that can take control of a game and early projections has him in the same league as Adrian Peterson and Marshawn Lynch. In fact, the Rams loved Gurley so much that he was on the top of their draft boards.

Yes, a running back was the number one prospect on the Rams board in 2015. That should speak to how special of a talent the 6'0, 220 pound running back is, granted you would not expect him being great when you look at his numbers from the 2014, 123 rushes, 911 yards, and 9 touchdowns. Do not forget that Gurley was suspended because of an autograph scandal and the torn ACL injury

Gurley is not an offensive linemen or a wide receiver that many fans thought the Rams would draft. But he is one of those once in a generation running backs - the doctors have checked out his knee and said that it is fine, he just needs to stay healthy and he could be a special player for the Rams.