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2015 NFL Draft: Position Big Boards

A last minute top prospect by position rundown based on scheme fit.

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Without any further ado...

I left off tight end's in my evaluation; due to very few remarkable prospects outside of Maxx Williams. There is also alack of small school prospects; as I have not been able to do due dilligence on this kinds of prospects.

In these evaluations, designed specifically for the Rams, I took in to account injury history and character risks.


Jameis Winston has a certain amount of bust risk in my opinion that the Rams simply cannot afford. I'm sure he is on the Rams board; however I'd argue that he shouldn't be. He declined heavily in 2015, and possesses many of the off the field qualities that talents like Vince Young and Ryan Leaf once possessed.

Running backs

Gurley may end up being the only pick left on the board worthy of the 10th pick when the Rams are up in the first round. Should they pull the trigger? While many might accuse Jeff Fisher of going full-Chip-Kelly on the running back situation, Gurley really is one of the best RB prospects to come along in years.

Wide Recievers

Cooper is on top of everyone's list; however it might surprise many that Kevin White is behind many others. White is still very raw, and really has had only one productive year at WV. The ghost of Tavon Austin still has a locker down at Rams park. I think the Rams are likely looking for (and need) a more polished prospect; thus the inclusion of Parker and Strong.

Offensive Line

My OL list is a top to bottom flip of most people's top 7 or 8 prospects in the draft. To me, Fisher is far and away better than all other tackle prospect in this years draft. I expect teams to reflect that. I suspect he will go in the top 20 tonight.

Defensive Line

Outside of Leonard Williams and Danny Shelton there are few picks worthy of a top pick in this group. Fans better hope Williams doesn't fall far in the first round or Jeff Fisher may not be able to help himself, and God knows the Rams have other needs.

Edge Rushers

Dante Fowler looks like an even better prospect than Robert Quinn was when he came out of North Carolina. In fact, there are several really strong edge prospects that could fall inside the top 15 this year. Surprisingly, I liked Golden more than Ray prior to Ray's misstep earlier this week. Unfortunately, many of this years edge players carry a fair amount of risk on and off the field (Sans Fowler).


So many have said that the Rams "love" McKinney; which makes me believe that they don't. Regardless, he would be a great fit for an early down penetration player and situational rusher. Dawson is a guy who could replace JL55 if drafted appropriately.


Peter's has more talent than any other corner in this class, but has been accused of having a Marshawn Lynchian type of personality. This has caused some strong criticism among scouts; however I think that Jeff Fisher would embrace this and get the most out of that kind of player.


This a very unremarkable class of safeties. Collins isn't a 1st round prospect, he's just the best safety in this class. Josh Shaw may actually have the most talent as a safety, but he carries a fair amount of baggage with him. Also, I like that McDonald stock. Tevin's film is a lot like his brothers. He's just a lot smaller. A late round investment in players like him often pay off.

So that's it. We will have greater insight as to how things will play out over the next 72 hours.