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2015 NFL Draft: What The Rams Should Do At 10

The NFL Draft is right around the corner. But before the Rams make their decision on who they will draft, the writers of Turf Show Times let their opinion be known.

I am just saying... The draft is today
I am just saying... The draft is today
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The 2015 NFL Draft is right around the corner and in a few hours the St. Louis Rams will make their first round selection. Right now, no one has any idea how the draft will fall for the Rams heading in to tonight, all that we know is that the Rams should draft a player today in the first round.

So after all the months of preparation the Rams will have to decide what they will do with their 10th selection in NFL Draft. But since that decision is hours from now you guys get to experience the next best thing - your favorite Ram writers decide what they would do with that 10th pick and who they should draft.

Eric Nagel

I'd draft Brandon Scherff if he falls and could be convinced on Amari Cooper. But otherwise, there is only one option. TRADE DOWN.


Honestly, unlike many people, I don't have a strong preference on who they draft. Obviously I'm talking about the top prospects. Some are "safe" picks, some "boom or bust", I'm sure I'll be happy with whoever. The only thing that will make me irritated: if they give-up picks or good players to move up. This team still has too many holes/lack of depth at positions, if anything I want them to move back.


I don’t think there will be a huge trade-down market at 10, so I’m on board with boring. Draft Scherff or Peat to give yourself a big, disciplined body on the line that you can build around. In a deep class of receivers and running backs, you can satiate your need for additional playmakers in the 2nd and beyond.


Unless someone slips down the board, I expect Les to work some draft day magic and move around. If we are stuck at 10, I want the best OL available... But that's just not Snisher's style. I fully expect a trade - whether up or down - for the Rams to get their guy at the right spot.

Eddie P

Let's say the two top QBs are gone. I'd take either 1a. Brandon Scherff or 1b. Amari Cooper. If those two are gone, I'd trade down to either the mid to early twenties.

Mike Dietrich

My 1st choice is a trade down if Cooper is not there, I do not see any value in OL at 10. If I have to stay at 10 and pick a player, I guess it would have to be Peat but would not love it.


For what the Rams need most vs value at #10 i don't get too excited here. If a "franchise QB" was there then Rams would be lucky, but we all know that won't happen. Trade down please, Cooper at 10 I could get behind but that's about it.

Douglas M

I'm going BPA at #10, but with a caveat: Whoever it is has to have "difference maker" on his resume. If Les Snead goes for a right tackle in Round 1, I want him to be able to handle elite pass rushers (unlike Joe Barksdale), as well as being a road grader in the run game. Ereck Flowers, Florida, is a solid choice here.

At linebacker, a top 10 choice MUST have the ability to provide pass coverage, as well as pass rushing and run stopping ability. A specialist pass rusher isn't something I'd spend valuable draft stock on at this point. Sadly, my favorite player in this draft - Vic Beasley, Clemson - has flaws in his run stopping. If I were going all-in on an outside linebacker here, I'd trade up to grab Dante Fowler, Jr., Florida.

My cornerback choice may seem like a reach at #10, but I'd take the leap for Marcus Peters, Washington. This guy has red flags-o'plenty, but he may very well be the most talented cover-CB to come out of the draft since Patrick Peterson.

I don't see Jeff Fisher selecting a wide receiver at #10 overall, but if Amari Cooper somehow drops to the Rams, they'll run the selection to the podium.


I think the Rams should go ahead and draft Peat because he is the most NFL ready to tackle and would provide the insurance in case Barksdale is not brought back.

Charles Martel

The best case scenario for the Rams in the first round is Brandon Scherff, however I just don't see him as available without a trade up. Sure, teams love edge rushers, quarterbacks and wide receivers, but with the exception of the Packers and Cowboys, every team in the league needs help on the offensive line. When it's clock time, they go with what works. Scherff will get taken early.

If Scherff is indeed gone, Ereck Flowers, a poor man's Greg Robinson should be the next target, but hopefully after a trade back, with Miami or Kansas City.

Now that you know what we would do with the 10th overall pick, we are curious, what would you do with that pick?


The NFL Draft is always an exercise in the futility of preparation.

Oh, you spent months scouting hundreds of players? Good job. You get to hire a dozen of them. Meanwhile, all the things you thought might happen won't because the teams you expected to do something didn't and that threw you off and now you're setting here with Alex Barron and Jason Smith as your two tackles and you're not even drunk. Congrats, chief.

Who do I want them to take? I don't really care. I'd take defensive line, linebacker and running back off the board. After that, just go grab the best guy on your board and hope you scouted as well as you did on Aaron Donald. The Rams need more than one player, and they need more than offensive lineman.

The Rams have to take someone who's going to be a quality player. None of us "know" which prospects are going to pan out. It doesn't matter. The Rams can't afford to miss. So put your faith in your process, grab the best player left, and keep it moving into Friday.