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2015 NFL Draft: 1st Round Live Updates

No more mocking.... this is the real deal

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports
SB Nation 2015 NFL Draft Guide

Today is the day. Nearly 3 months have passed since the last game of the 2014 NFL season has been played. Much has taken place in NFL front offices since the Pats beat the Seahawks in the Super bowl.

We've seen the Senior Bowl, NFL Combine, pro days, and team workouts / visits all pass into the rear-view mirror over the last few months. Draft boards have been formed, adjusted, and finalized and war rooms across the NFL are primed and ready for the festivities to finally commence.

As of this moment, consensus has the Rams fortifying the offense in the form of an OL or WR. You can't put anything past Les Snead though. This man knows how to move up and down the board to get HIS GUY at the right slot in the draft. With him as the Rams GM, anything - and I mean ANYTHING - is possible.

We'll have dedicated posts for breaking news, the Rams selections, and all of the reactions and developments along the way. But regardless of what happens, it's sure to be a wild ride.