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2015 TST Community NFL Mock Draft: Jacksonville Bolsters Pass Rush At #3

In the third pick of our community mock, the Jaguars are plucking Clemson's pass rush specialist to help them improve up front.

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

CodyAllenFTW has the Jags going after some pass rush help:

#3, Jacksonville - Vic Beasley (OLB, Clemson)

It all comes down to fixing the LEO spot for the Jaguars. At #3 overall, there are about five different edge guys that they could consider. Because of this, there's a good chance that when the real thing rolls around, the Jags will end up trading down. However, there are no trades in this exercise, so the Jags get their pick of the litter. Dante Fowler is probably the most complete of the edge guys and Randy Gregory appears to be a bit further along in his technique, but neither of these guys is as explosive of a pass rusher as Vic Beasley. Beasley offers rare first-step quickness, and has frequently been compared to Von Miller and Bruce Irvin. Irvin has had NFL success in the exact same role that Beasley will slide in to, and I expect that Beasley will have even greater success. Andrew Luck beware - this guy is coming for you.

So now we're three picks in and all three community picks match the SBN NFL blogger picks. Heck, Alfie Crow from Big Cat Country validated the Beasley pick in the same way Cody did:

With Leonard Williams still on the board, it’s a tough choice, but the LEO end is a much bigger need for a team that is fairly deep already on the rest of the defensive line. The Jaguars were tied for sixth in the NFL in sacks last season, but dead last in the league in quarterback pressures, which is something Beasley can assist with.

Fine. Conventional wisdom it is. But I'm expecting big things from here on out.

(Author's note: There will be big things from here on out.)

Pick Team TSTer TST Mock Pick SBN Site SBN Site Pick
1 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (link) JakeM70 Jameis Winston (QB, Florida St.) Bucs Nation (link) Jameis Winston (QB, Florida St.)
2 Tennessee Titans KENTOG Marcus Mariota (QB, Oregon) Music City Miracles (link) Marcus Mariota (QB, Oregon)
3 Jacksonville Jaguars CodyAllenFTW Vic Beasley (OLB, Clemson) Big Cat Country (link) Vic Beasley (OLB, Clemson)