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Random Ramsdom: Offseason Program Dates, Kiper’s Big Board, & Expectations for Kenny Britt

The St. Louis Rams released their offseason program dates on Thursday. No mandatory minicamp? No problem. Right?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Going "Long" on the coming Zombie Apocalypse: CBS Sports

Rams defensive end Chris Long, and his brother Kyle, have a Zombie survival school. $20,000 a day will help keep those un-dead, slow walking, brain eating, Brandon Bate-looking zombies at bay...

Rams Set Offseason Program Dates | ESPN

Once again, the St. Louis Rams will be the only team in the NFL not to have a mandatory minicamp this offseason.

The Greatest NFL Draft Picks of the Modern Era, from 1 to 256 |  CBS Sports

Very cool. A list of the best players taken - by draft spot - since the merger in 1970.

Three Players the Rams Could Draft With The 10th Pick |  Fox Sports

The St. Louis Rams hold the No. 10 overall pick in the NFL Draft. In our 32-team preview series, takes a look at their roster post-free agency and delivers a plan of attack for the last day in April.

What Recent History Suggests About Rams’ Draft Plans |  Bleacher Report

While the NFL draft is never entirely predictable, we can create a rough estimate of the St. Louis Rams' draft-day plan by dissecting the team's recent history.

How Good Are You At Predicting Draft Picks? |

Where will the top prospects be picked in the first round? Make your draft predictions here

Mel Kiper Jr’s Updated Big Board |  ESPN

Auburn Duo Sticks Together |  St. Louis Rams’ Official Site

From their time as Auburn Tigers to members of the St. Louis Rams, Tre Mason and Greg Robinson’s careers are unmistakably linked. In their final collegiate season, they were offensive catalysts who helped the Tigers reach the BCS National Championship Game. And in their first NFL season, both were major offensive contributors who showed much promise for the future.

Fisher Won’t Let Relocation Become a Distraction |

With owner Stan Kroenke planning to build a football stadium in California, speculation that the St. Louis Rams will once again become the Los Angeles Rams isn't going away anytime soon.

Fisher Hopes Rams’ Fans Still Come Out | St. Louis Post-Dispatch

One of the most-asked questions for Jeff Fisher at last week's NFC coaches breakfast concerned the possible relocation of the Rams to Los Angeles. Writers from near and far quizzed him about the distractions of a looming move in what could be a lame-duck 2015 season in St. Louis.

Should the 49ers Trade Up For Amari Cooper? |  Niners Nation

The San Francisco 49ers signed Torrey Smith earlier this offseason, but that might not be the end of their serious wide receiver additions.

Kurt Warner Says a Team Asked Him To Consider a Workout |  Pro Football Talk

It sounded like an April Fools joke when Kurt Warner said it yesterday: At the age of 43, five years since he retired, an official with an NFL team approached him about coming in for a workout.

Jeff Fisher Expects More From Kenny Britt |  ESPN

There's not a coach in the NFL who has a better understanding of what St. Louis Rams receiver Kenny Britt is capable of and what he needs to get there than Jeff Fisher.

Rams’ Fans Express Concern Over Possible Move |  St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Kip Starnes of Sunset Hills was first up during one of the noon focus groups at the L&E Research building in Maplewood. He was 15 when the football Cardinals left in 1987, and his son Carter is now 15 and wondering if the Rams, too, will be gone after the 2015 season.

Pro Bowl Players Visit the Set of an All-Pro Show |  St. Louis Rams’ Official Site