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2015 NFL Draft Trade Rumors: Titans Came To Rams For Bradford

The Eagles swooped in to snag Sam Bradford from the Rams at the cost of Nick Foles...but it was nearly Tennessee who pulled in the Rams' former #1 overall pick.

Elsa/Getty Images

File this under what could have been:

You have to wonder what the Titans' discussions might have included in terms of compensation. They've got the #2 overall pick as well as a young QB in Zach Mettenberger.

Beyond the information itself, you have to wonder what this means about the Eagles' potential attempts to move for that #2 pick to select Marcus Mariota as has been rumorblogged roughly 892,441 times. I would also add a layer of skepticism on the source...meaning not Rap. The tweets came just over 35 hours away from the first pick of the 2015 NFL Draft. Everything that comes out now has a purpose.

Draft trade ramifications notwithstanding, I'm just stuck wondering what was on the table when Snisher were talking to Tennessee.