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2015 NFL Draft: Rams Second Round Pick To Be Announced By Pisa Tinoisamoa

The former Rams linebacker will take the podium on Friday night.

Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

It's been seven years since he wore a Rams jersey, but on Friday night Pisa Tinoisamoa will announce who the Rams have selected in the second round of the 2015 NFL Draft.

Tinoisamoa played six seasons in St. Louis before capping his career in Chicago after being selected in the second round himself in the 2003 NFL Draft. It wasn't the best of drafts overall for the Rams. Jimmy Kennedy disappointed as a first round pick and the WR selections of Kevin Curtis and Shaun McDonald after Tinoisamoa failed to have the impact the Hawaii LB did, though Curtis' 2004 playoff performances remain a memorable peak.

In any case, Pisa will step up on Friday to announce the Rams' second round pick. Right now, that would be the 41st overall pick, the ninth in the round. Obviously any trades that affect that pick, or the rest of the round, might change when Pisa grabs the mic.

Still, it's a cool moment for a former Ram that certainly left town with good memories for himself and for fans.