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2015 NFL Draft: Free Safety Rankings

This year's class features no supreme standout. With the help of the TST staff, we look at just who could top this class.

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Free Safety: here's a position expected to be low on "impact" this year. While there are many mid-round talents, there's no singular player grabbing everyone's attention. There's no cream of the crop; everyone's futures are still up in the air and draft positions could likely be most determined by which team bites on a safety first.

Nonetheless, let's look at the choices.

Player 1st Choices 2nd Choices 3rd Choices
Cody Prewitt 3 1 1
Derron Smith 0 2 1
Chris Hackett 0 1 1
Quinten Rollins 1 0 0
Demarious Russell 1 0 0
Gerod Holliman 0 1 0
Eric Rowe 0 0 1
Kurtis Drummond 0 0 1

Conclusively, Cody Prewitt is the top free safety, followed by Derron Smith. From there, only Chris Hackett managed to receive multiple votes. What this says more than anything is that this year's free safety class will be luck of the draw -- of course, some appear slightly more talented, but it's a negligible difference.

If anything, this board should be more of a scope than anything. These are the free safeties that could possibly be picked. Regardless, I'd be surprised to see any free safety go in round one.

With the Rams' current safety position, what is everyone's prevailing suggestion? While safety doesn't seem to be a weakness, I don't think I'd call it a strength even though I do like T.J. McDonald. Is a safety in order for the Rams, possibly in the late rounds?