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Police Want to Question LSU's La'el Collins Regarding a Murder He Didn’t Commit

La'el Collins is not a supect in his ex-girlfriend's death, but he is still wanted for questioning. Could this potentially hurt his draft stock?

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

This is completely out of left field.

Baton Rouge police are reaching out to former LSU tackle/guard La'el Collins in regards to the shooting death of the pregnant, 29-year old Brittany Mills.

Baton Rouge police Lt. Jonny Dunnam told ESPN they are are seeking information, and Collins is believed to be Mills ex-boyfriend. Collins, however, is not considered to be a suspect.

Police found Mills shot to death in her apartment last week. They rushed her to the hospital, where her child was birthed.

Collins and his attorney, Jim Boren, took the investigation seriously. They are in contact with the authorities and have sought out a private investigation firm to prove Collins was no where near Mills at the time of her death.

La'el Collins is projected as a top-10 in some of the mock drafts. This issue can affect his draft stock considerably. It can scratch him off some boards if it turns out to be more serious.

The Rams hold the No. 10 pick in Thursday's draft. Collins is a potential pick, considering the Rams have a few empty holes along the offensive line. If Collins is there guy, maybe they can afford to drop back some and come up on some more draft capital.