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Random Ramsdom 4/28: NFL Mock Drafts, Draft Talk, Draft Rumors; It's Draft Time

It's everybody's favorite week in the offseason, folks. Here's what's going down around the NFL (and with the Rams) during 2015's draft week.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Offseason Updates

--- St Louis Rams Decline Barron's Option ---
A day of option extensions/withdrawals leaves Mark Barron in the latter category.

--- Michael Brockers Receives 5th Year Option ---
While Barron received no such news, Brockers has had his option picked up.


--- Expert: Far Better Relocation Destinations than STL ---
St. Louis is being shown no love in this process.

--- Latest on Task Force’s Efforts to Keep The Rams in STL ---

Draft Tracker

--- Final Mock Draft Roundup ---
We've seen weekly installations, but here's the last of the series this year.

--- #FutureInvestments: Quarterback ---
A look at the top QBs in this year's draft class.

--- Rams and the 'Other' Quarterbacks ---
Aside from Mariota//Winston, who could provide value to the Rams?

--- Andrus Peat at #10 ---
An explanation as to why Andrus Peat fits the Rams at ten.

--- Would Fisher Trade up for Scherff? ---
Personally, I say no -- evaluate this for yourself.

--- 3 Round Mock Addresses Needs ---
This three round mock addresses all of the Rams' top needs.

Spotlight: MORE DRAFT!

--- The Rams, 80 Years, & The 10th Pick ---
Here's what the Rams have done with the tenth pick.

--- 5 Last Minute Rams Draft Rumors ---
We're running out of time; here are some last minute rumors.

--- Six Draft Trades We'd Love to See ---
Though we won't see all, or maybe even any of these, it would be interesting to see things shaken up.

--- 2015 NFL Draft Guide ---
A quick overview of your draft essentials courtesy Boston Globe.

--- Giants Longshot for Mariota ---
At nine, Mariota is likely off the board; however, Giants fans would love if it unfolded otherwise.

Around the NFL:

--- What Redskins Should & Could do at O-Line ---
The Redskins fall into a similar predicament as the Rams here.

--- Redskins Pick up RGIII's Option ---
Though he's a questionable talent, RGIII has had his option picked up.

The NFL football stadium is headed overseas; what does this mean?

--- NFL Network Won't Report  News Early ---
The NFL Network announces news won't be broken before the NFL breaks it.

--- Are the Eagles going to trade Bradford? ---
A lot of talk has been had over this possibility. Was this the Eagles' intention all along?