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2015 NFL Draft: Positional Big Board (ILB)

The NFL draft is just a Thursday away! Take a look at Turf Show Times' latest prospect positional ranking.

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Mere days away from the draft and the rumors are heating up. From trade ups, to trade downs, to trade-outs courtesy Rivers-to-Titans, speculation is all over the place. Here's a bit more to speculate on.

The Rams could likely add an inside linebacker this year. I'd be willing to bet it won't be in there first couple picks, but it could happen. The TST staff has filled out their top three choices at the inside linebacker position, and let's have a look.

Player 1st Choices 2nd Choices 3rd Choices
Benardrick McKinney 3 2 1
Eric Kendricks 2 3 0
Stephone Anthony 0 0 1
Ramik Wilson 0 0 1
Frank Shannon 1 0 0
Terrance Smith 0 1 0
Trey DePriest 0 0 1
Denzel Perryman 0 0 1
Paul Dawson 0 0 1

What we have here are a plethora of options past the top two, which will definitely be gone by time the Rams are ready to select an inside linebacker, if they do. That leaves the possibility one of these fine gentlemen is suited up in horns come next year, if the Rams choose to go that direction.

Thoughts? Opinions? Prefer not to take an ILB? Want one early on? Comment below!