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2015 NFL Draft: Positional Big Board (OLB)

The Rams aren't in terrible need of an outside linebacker, but they aren't set at the position either. Let's look at this year's draft options.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

A week from the draft, it's safe to say anticipation is building. The Rams are sitting at ten with an entourage of potential moves available to them. It's unknown whether they'll move up, move down or even stay put. Anyways, let's look at one position that the Rams may be interested in drafting: OLB.

Though Akeem Ayers was signed over the offseason, the Rams could still use an edge rusher. Jo-Lonn Dunbar is okay, but okay just doesn't cut it in the NFL. Though most clamors are for a wide receiver or offensive lineman, should the right outside linebacker fall, the Rams may select him. Nonetheless, let's look at the possibilities.

Player 1st Choice 2nd Choice 3rd Choice
Vic Beasley 5 1 1
Dante  Fowler Jr. 1 4 0
Shane Ray 0 0 2
Benardrick McKinney 0 0 1
Eli Harold 0 0 1
Eric Kendricks 1 1 0
Shaq Thompson 0 1 1
Hauoli  Kikaha 0 0 1

Vic Beasley is a clear number one, and that's nothing new. Beasley's supreme combine showing combined with his solid game tape puts him at number one, but Dante Fowler follows up closely behind. Having risen up the board considerably over the last few months, Fowler isn't likely to surpass Beasley, but he's still a supremely valuable asset that will please whatever franchise grabs him. It's unlikely either, however, falls to the Rams at ten. And, though an outside linebacker would be nice, it's even less likely the Rams are willing to trade up for one.

That means the Rams, if they take one, are selecting past the first round. The plethora of options the staff listed shows that there are options out there. When/if the Rams grab an outside linebacker, look for it to be a Kikaha type in the middle rounds. Though, anything is possible -- maybe the Rams DO want a top flight outside linebacker from this draft. Then again, they likely don't.

What are your personal thoughts in this draft crop? Good outside linebackers? Bad? Think Fowler or Beasley are worth trading up for? Agree the Rams should select a mid-round linebacker talent? Comment below!