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St. Louis Rams 2015 NFL schedule: Quick Reaction Thoughts, Analysis

Here are some immediate reactions to the Rams' official 2015 NFL Schedule.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

So we've got the Rams' 2015 schedule. Here are some of my first reactions:

  • Week one. Seattle. In the Ed. Perhaps for the last time ever. This schedule comin at the Rams fast.
  • Speaking of, the Rams weeks 2-5 features three road games. At first glance, this is the major tough stretch. More to come on this specifically.
  • It's another early bye for the Rams this year coming in week 6. Again, that leaves them grinding uphill for the final 11 games without a rest to heal up. No favors being done.
  • That Week 9-12 stretch also features a three-out-of-four-away run. Maybe more interesting, they're sandwiched by home games against NFC West opponents.
  • If the Rams are anywhere close to the playoff threshold in late December, the final two games should be pressure packed. At Seattle in Week 16 and and at Levi's in San Francisco to close out the year. It's asking a hell of a lot. But if the Rams are going to get it done, that would be a picture perfect way to do it.