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Turf Show Radio: Season 7, Episode 2 - St. Louis Draftacular

With a week to go to the 2015 NFL Draft, TSR returns with a very special guest, a TST writer/college football coach and all the draft prep you can handle.

Well this is gonna be fun.

Turf Show Radio is coming, Thursday at 9pm ET.

We're almost within sniffing distance of the 2015 NFL Draft. So to prep the podcast battlefield and give us a good assessment of the St. Louis scene, Bernie Miklasz of formats multiple and bio extensive, joins TSR.

We'll also have Tim Shields, TST author and Washington University in St. Louis Defensive Line Coach, better known around these parts as Shields3L.

And of course if you want to raise an issue we haven't gotten to by that point (and why wouldn't you), you can call in at (347) 857-1022. I promise, no (read: limited) taco/food discussion this ep. The comment thread for S7E1 had plenty to get through as well if you're phone-averse and would prefer to hit us up that way. And #TurfShowRadio is the quietest corner of the internet, but I'll check it throughout the show. And if you've missed any episodes, check out the Turf Show Radio Archive on iTunes.

So join us on Thursday. It's gonna be fun.

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