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Random Ramsdom 4/21: NFL Draft Countdown Hits Single Digits

The countdown is winding. Nine days away, we've officially reduced the count to single digits!

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Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Offseason Update

--- Laurinaitis: "Journey Begins Today" ---
Today marks the road back into relevancy for the Rams.

--- Cowboys to Host Rams in Training Camp ---
The Cowboys are looking to host the Rams for this year's training camp.

--- Rams' Free Agency Silence Makes Draft Desires Clear ---
The lack of moves thus far has possibly shed some light on future moves.

--- What to Watch as Rams Open Offseason ---
Keep your eyes and ears peeled as the Rams open offseason workouts.

--- Rams Gather for Strength & Conditioning ---
It's that time; the Rams active hiatus is over.


--- Cook Excited About Offensive Change ---
Jared Cook says he's stoked for the new offense.

--- Rams May Spend Part of Training Camp in California ---
It's possible the Rams spend part of camp in Cali.

--- Laurinaitis: No Green Bay in December ---
Laurinaitis would prefer the Rams stay away from the North in the area's coldest months.

Draft Tracker

--- Rams' Draft War Room ---
Round-by-round Rams' draft strategy.

--- 12th Mock Draft Roundup ---
A compilation of NFL mock drafts.

--- Addressing Each NFC West Team's Draft Needs ---
Possible moves to be made by each NFC West team on draft day.

--- Brandon Scherff Must be Rams' Top Priority ---
The Rams have a hole and Brandon Scherff has talent. It's a match.

--- Rams Visiting With Draft's Top QBs ---
Keeping their options open, the Rams have visited top QBs.

--- Rams, Devante Parker Match? ---
Among the many rumors circulating, the Parker/Rams match has gained steam.

Around the NFL

--- NFL Schedules Released Tuesday ---
This Tuesday we'll be able to put dates next to each opponent's name.

--- Eagles are Tebow's Best, Last Chance ---
Tebow has bounced around, but he'll have to stick in his final landing spot.

--- Wilson Merchandise Tops NFL ---
Russell Wilson has topped NFL Merchandise for the second calendar year in a row.

--- Rivers Has Lost Faith in Chargers ---
Rivers has been linked to the Titans, and here's why.