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Report: Rams Nearing Final Deal To Spend Part of Training Camp With Cowboys In California

Per David Moore of the Dallas Morning News, the Rams might be formally spending some time in SoCal way ahead of schedule...

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

David Moore from the Dallas Morning News has the breaking:

The Cowboys are close to finalizing plans to host the St. Louis Rams for several days of practice during training camp, sources said.


What makes the Rams visit intriguing is the franchise’s public flirtation with a potential return to Los Angeles. Practicing just 64 miles away from the city the NFL desperately wants to put back in play will spark plenty of speculation.

Intriguing indeed. The Cowboys have been on and off again in Oxnard for a decade and a half, spending their other training camps in San Antonio. The Rams have spent nearly the last decade holding camp at home in Earth City.

Moore's report notes that the Cowboys open their preseason with the Chargers while the Rams will be in Oakland to take on the Raiders. That would allow the Rams to head to the Cowboys' camp site either before or after that first preseason game before heading to Nashville for a nationally televised second preseason contest.