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2015 TST Community NFL Mock Draft: Tampa Bay Kicks Off With Winston

No surprise as we get the community mock underway.

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

Here we go!

Leading the 2015 Turf Show Times Community Mock Draft, JakeM70 has us kicking things off with a safe pick for Tampa Bay:

#1, Tampa Bay - Jameis Winston (QB, Florida St.)

A team owning the first overall draft pick has the luxury of holding the first dibs on a pool of young, talented players; however, the state of their franchise can flourish or deteriorate depending on the outcome of the team’s decision. The selection of Winston is not difficult due to his rare talent and potential to be a franchise quarterback. Winston has all the tools to lead his team to victory and has proved to be a winning quarterback in college.

The Buccaneers hope the young star’s winning tendencies will continue after the team has suffered through losing seasons the past four years. Largely, the fate of the franchise will be on the shoulders of tall, pro-ready athlete with off-the-field issues. Lovie Smith is a highly respected coach in the league and will mentor the quarterback on the field and off. Even with some major needs on the defensive side, such as a safety and a pass rush, the team will pick Winston who has all the talent and athleticism to carry his team to victory.

The cement is starting to dry on this one. Two weeks ago as we kicked off the SBN NFL Blogger mock, Sander Philipse from Bucs Nation had Winston anchored to the top of the draft with concurrence from Mocking the Draft's Dan Kadar.

There will be tough picks ahead as we get into the meat of the mock. This, honestly, isn't one of them.

Pick Team TSTer TST Mock Pick SBN Site SBN Site Pick
1 Tampa Bay Buccaneers JakeM70 Jameis Winston (QB, Florida St.) Bucs Nation Jameis Winston (QB, Florida St.)