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2015 NFL Draft: “What If’s" For the St. Louis Rams

What if the Rams made one of the most shocking trades over the last 20 yrs, whether it be up or down? What if they finish the draft with a highway robbery of picks? What if???

Billy Hurst-USA TODAY Sports

What if the Rams shocked the world during this years draft? I know, I know, who cares about the hypothetical? But anything is possible. I'm sure had someone said before the 1999 NFL Draft that the Saints would trade all of their picks plus a first and third the following year, that person might have been committed. And thats just one crazy example.

Now, while I'm not suggesting the Rams mortgage their next 2-3 drafts, I could see a few scenarios playing out for the Rams, who happens to be one of the more draft day, trade friendly, teams over the last three years. Below I have listed five scenarios of "what if's".

  1. What if the Rams traded Tavon Austin? First question is who would they trade him to? Next what would they get in return? He could net a 2nd-4th round pick, depending on the team and their confidence in knowing how to use him. The Rams have shown a lot of interest in receivers this year. With Brian Quick and Chris Givens both in contract years, this makes sense. But what if they are eager to get a piece of the receiver pie after missing out last year? Which brings me to my next question...
  2. What if the Rams moved up to draft either Amari Cooper or Kevin White in the top five picks? They would most likely have to trade up with the Raiders to gurantee their choice between the two. But who should they take between the two? I would say Amari Cooper,  considering he might be the safest pick in the entire draft, although White's ceiling is very attractive. But a move like this would likely cost this year's first next yrs first and probably a second and mid round pick between this year and next. Remember, trades like this isn't all about value but also convincing a team to pass on a player for a boatload of picks.
  3. Speaking of a boatload of picks; What if the Rams traded this years first rounder, next years first rounder, both second round picks next year and Nick Foles to the buccaneers for the top pick? And now things just got interesting. That would be quite the haul. Maybe they won't quite feel the impact in this years draft, but next year they won't pick - barring a trade - until the third round. They would however have their choice between Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota. On the other hand they have a lot of guys headed towards free agency next spring and might need some draft picks to replace a few guys. But is there a limit that can be placed on a franchise quarterback?
  4. What if a guy Marcus Mariota or Leonard Williams falls to 10? More-so, what if the Rams passed on him? While passing on the player, instead of drafting someone else they trade pretty far back. Let's say its Mariota that falls and the Jets or Titans are regretting passing on him. Should the Rams trade all the way back to the second round? While they wouldn't have a first round pick this year, they likely would have two for the next three years plus a few second rounders sprinkled in there. Or what if its Williams? Should the Rams trade to the back of the first round with a team like Patriots or Packers? In either scenario, they would miss out on the early talent of this year but could be setting themselves up for some pretty good future drafts. Before anyone says no one will make that jump, just remember the jaw dropping jump the Falcons made to draft Julio Jones.
  5. What if the Rams went defensive with each of their picks over the first two rounds? Would you be pissed?
Which of these scenarios would you be most ok with, and which ones would drive you insane? The best part about draft day is you really never know what to expect. Anything truly is possible. The only guarantee every year is someone out there somewhere is usually pretty pissed off after pick 256, while somewhere else theres someone hitting back flips off their couch.