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Random Ramsdom 17 APR: Does Mariota to Rams Have Legs?

Connections between the Rams and Marcus Mariota continue to crop up. Is there a fire behind all this smoke?

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Before we begin, feel free to navigate to the bottom of the article to find some tunes to enjoy during your Ramsdom experience.


Lawrence Phillips Roomate's Death Ruled a Homicide | AP

A sad story takes a frightening - though expected - turn

Astonishing fact of the day: The Rams Ranked 5th in OL continuity last year. Personally, I'd rather have been lower on this ranking and benched Davin Joseph, but that's just me.

Making Mike Rowe Proud | St Louis Rams Official Website
Michael Brockers does the dirty work to let the Pass Rush focus on the QB.

Revisiting the 2000 NFL Draft | PFT

Lots of interesting facts here.

Wait....Seahawks GM hints that He'll Let Wilson Walk? | CBS Sports

Let me know how that strategy works out for you...


Why Mariota Transcends Oregon Offense | ESPN

In short, because the NFL is starting to look more like the college game.

Chargers in on Mariota Too? | ESPN

If the Rams have any inclination of trying to acquire Mariota, they likely have competition from the Chargers.

List of Confirmed Pre-Draft Visits | Ramblin Fan

Keep in mind that this is only visits to Rams Park. It does NOT include the team traveling to the player. Don't see your favorite player on the list? Don't fret, They're Meaningless per The MMQB.

High Risk 2015 Draftees | NFP

With Jeff Fishers penchant for taking the BPA (and certain disregard for red flags), we may see some of these players in horns next year.

Wheelin' and Dealin' | NFP

Everyone knows Les likes him some trades. Here's a look at trades involving 1st round selections over the past 10 years.

Rams pay Mariota a Visit | StL Today

Due Diligence, smokescreen, or legitimate interest?

How Mariota Might Fit With Rams | ESPN NFL Nation

He works well with play action, which would seem to fit. However, citing 'setting his feet' as a positive isn't advisable with the Rams current OL

10 for #10: Trae Waynes | ESPN NFL Nation

Not a fan of DB at #10 personally, but with both Rams starting CBs up for Free Agency after the season, Waynes at #10 is a possibility. I prefer a sleeper pick like Snead pulled off with EJ Gaines last year.

Potential I-70 Trade on Draft Day? | ESPN NFL Nation

Could the Chiefs be a trade partner for the Rams?

Could Strong Slide to 41? | The Sporting News

A broken bone in his wrist could initiate a draft day slide for former Arizona State WR Jaelen Strong. I know that 3k would go NUTS if the Rams were able to snag him.

Late Risers | The Sporting News

Who's making their way into the first round as the draft draws near?

Future Investments: WR | St Louis Rams Official Website

A quick glimpse at the top WRs in this years draft class.

Speaking of WRs... | StL Today

Devante Parker visited the Rams. Some have him mocked at #10....

The Case for Brandon Scherff | Bleacher Report

Um.... because he's the best OL in the draft?

Most Overlooked Player in the Draft at Each Position | Bleacher Report

Could the be bargains for the Rams?

Who's Most Likely to Trade Up For Mariota? | PFT

I'll give you a hint: It's not the Rams

Randy Gregory Scouting Report | The MMQB

The talent is there, but the need isn't. Could Fisher double down - again - on the DL?

Best/Worse Case Scenario for Rounds 1-3 | Bleacher Report

In Snisher I trust.

Rams work out All-American OT | Annapolis Capital Gazette

The Rams worked out former Wisconsin All-American Rob Havenstein. He's projected as a mid-round pick at Right Tackle


StL Task Force to Meet with NFL | CBS Sports

Govenor Nixon's task force will sit down with NFL reps next week.

SD/OAK Stadium Qualifies for Ballot | ESPN

The fight for LA rages on