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2015 NFL Draft: Positional Big Board (DE)

Every offensive position has been covered by our staff, and now it's time to step onto the other side of the field.

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

The Rams' defensive line has been a strength the past couple years and that looks to remain true for next season. With the addition of Nick Fairley, the strong defensive line only became stronger.

What does that mean when looking at the draft? Well, the Rams won't be selecting a defensive end in round one -- I'd hope. So, what we're looking for here is essentially who could be a spot-filler as the Rams hope for someone who truly is valued by the organization to slip to number ten. Nonetheless, here we go.

Player 1st Choices 2nd Choices 3rd Choices
Leonard Williams 4 0 1
Randy Gregory 3 1 2
Dante Fowler 0 3 0
Shane Ray 0 1 2
Arik Armstead 0 2 0
Owamagbe Odighizuwa 0 0 1
Nate Orchard 0 0 1

It seems Leonard Williams is a decisive number one with Randy Gregory behind, followed by a myriad of similarly-judged talents from the TST staff. Whenever there's an abundance of non-standouts, it's safe to assume no one player will be selected in the top ten. So, Williams and Gregory, according to this, very likely will go in the top ten, but  Dante Fowler among others may be questionable.

What are your thoughts? Will a team, perhaps the  Redskins, pull the trigger on a Fowler-type? Will the Titans ditch Mariota and instead go for Williams, opening the window for one more defensive end to go top ten? Comment below and let us know!