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Rams to Draft Players in 2015 NFL Draft: A Mocking

I'm baaaaaaaaack.

Lay off the self tanner Fish...
Lay off the self tanner Fish...
Billy Hurst-USA TODAY Sports

Things change during draft season. Things like Marcus Mariota suddenly leaping Jameis Winston on draft boards (obvious because of page-clicks, or the fact that Winston threw 13 picks in 5 games to a middling group of ACC teams with a combined .571 win percentage and suddenly people realize this). Things like me suddenly having to go head-to-head with Charles' Worst Rock Songs of All Time. Not fair man, not fair.

But hey, I get it. I'm no expert in draft matters. However, neither is Skip Bayless and he has a TV Show. So if I work hard and spout crap, one day that could be me! With that in mind, here's my next four round mock draft, once again based off Dan Kadar's excellent two-round example:

1st round: la'el collins, ot

Collins is silently one of the best fits for the Rams in the first round. I'm not sure why he's slipping down into the lower teens, but if the Rams were able to trade down and still get him, it'd be a great move. To me, he's one of two top tier linemen (Scherff being the other) so it's a no-brainer to go after one of them in the first round. In this scenario, Amari Cooper and Scherff are already gone. Shucks.

What Collins brings to the table as either a right tackle or guard is an unrelenting blocker at the point of attack. He's incredible against the run with the athleticism to hold his own on the outside (he dominated Dante Fowler). The Rams are a traditional run-first team that thrives when they can move the ball efficiently on the ground. Passing up Collins - one of the safest picks in the draft - is just...stupid.

2nd round: Brett hundley, qb

I'll be honest - I had Laken Tomlinson here and changed my mind. It wasn't easy - Laken and La'el would provide the Rams with something they've been missing (two starters on the line with L's in their name - hold the applause, I know) for years - a healthy, promising young line.

But Hundley could provide that type of value too. He's the last quarterback that has the potential to be a starter in the draft and the Rams are a great situation for him. He's under no pressure to start immediately, assuming Nick Foles plays like Nick Foles. In the future, he has a run first offense where the pressure isn't on him to make plays, he has big receivers that can adjust to the ball and hopefully, a young, capable offensive line.

When I watched Hundley play, you'd see glimpses of a great quarterback. He has a great arm, (occasional) accuracy, he's strong and great on the run. He needs to work on his footwork and take more snaps in a pro-style offense so he can get a good feel for the pocket. I'm not going to say UCLA screwed him in that regard...but they screwed him in that regard.

Giving Hundley that extra year could turn him into something special. Plus, for all those LA nuts out there...perfect fit.

3rd round: tre mcbride, wr

The offensive rework continues. The Rams added some firepower through free agency for the defense, so I'm really going all offense in this draft. McBride represents a good value here. He's a great special teams performer so he should easily be able to push Chris Givens for a roster spot and provide immediate value for the team.

McBride is also a capable receiver, with excellent (seriously, the dude can catch) hands and good 4.4 speed. Like many receivers coming out of college, he needs to work on not rounding his routes, but he's versatile enough as a special teams player and has good enough hands that he could come into play on the offense in certain situations.

4th round: shaq mason, g/c

Shh, don't tell anyone. Mason is one of my favorite sleepers in the draft. He's a guard who pundits drop for being on the move too much. He impressed at the senior bowl in a more traditional blocking format and I think he's a guy who can come in, get some familiarity in a non-triple-option offense and make some immediate impact.

Mason is an incredible drive blocker because of his size (he's short, he can get amazing leverage on players) and has a lot of experience pulling and moving around. He needs to work on his technique when stationary since he was always on the move at Georgia Tech, but he displays a lot of the qualities you look for in a lineman.