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Random Ramsdom 4/14: Lawrence Phillips Possible Murder Accusations

The big news lighting up media has been Lawrence Phillips potential link to his cellmate's death, though his involvement has yet to be confirmed.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Offseason Updates

Beginning next week, we'll know not just who but also when we have to roll through each opponent if we hope to make the playoffs.


Lawrence Phillips, though not accused of anything yet, is a suspect.

A run down of STL QB options.

The situation all around St. Louis seems to be bubbling over -- let's hope it doesn't spill.

Draft Tracker

Though many teams work out players they won't select, Winston and Mariota working out may serve as a determinant in the Rams' decision should one remain on the board at ten.

Rumor has it the Rams want Parker to give Foles a nice, reliable target.

In coordination with the earlier link, Mariota may find a nice home at number ten.

In this mock draft, the Rams take Kevin White and Brett Hundley.

The 2015 NFL Draft, though not particularly top-heavy, has very, very nice depth.

Around this time, health checks are a must for some questionable prospects.

Here are some potential picks that come with more value than meets the eye.

After months of Winston talk, some say Mariota is preferred. I say it's all speculation.

Spotlight: NFL Officials

With scrutiny reaching new heights on officials, it's no surprise how strictly regulated their employment is.

Around the NFL

That's bankrupt. Many, many more become broke or close-to.

Ideally with the Lions, Chris Wilson seeks employment.