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Which St. Louis Rams’ Player Has The Most To Prove In 2015? [Poll]

Expectations are high for a lot of St. Louis Rams’ players heading into the 2015 season. But which player has the MOST to prove?

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Whether it be one player’s inability to live up to the expectations suggested by their draft pick, being able to remain healthy, stepping in as the team’s new quarterback, or playing in a contract year, expectations are high for many of the St. Louis Rams’ players heading into the upcoming year.

But there’s certainly ONE player who the team, and it’s fans, except to see a big increase in on-field productivity though, right?  Our very own Brent Lancaster poses the question...

Lanny also noted, aside from the reasons listed above, that pay-for-performance could play a factor. If you’re accepting a big paycheck, are you earning it?  And what about players that are excepted to bounce back?  A player who had a subpar 2014 season could be due to “break out" this year. Right?

Before we get to your responses, here are a few Brent received on Twitter...

Despite several responses, regarding a 53-man roster, there appear to be a few notable names that continue to pop up in the minds of fans.

So which player do YOU think has "the most to prove" in 2015?  Let us know why in the comments section below.