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2015 NFL Free Agency: OT Joe Barksdale Leaves Tennessee Without Deal

The Rams right tackle of 2014 remains unemployed.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

We got the news that Joe Barksdale was headed to Tennessee earlier this week. His departure without a deal means the Rams still can pursue perhaps one of two or three legit options for to plug their O-line needs up ahead of the draft....which would (a) be a helpful move, but also (b) lessen the need to stock up on offensive linemen in a single draft not for the sake of talent but for the sake of need.

Right now, the Rams only have two committed starters: LT Greg Robinson and Rodger Saffold, who could plug in at either guard position or right tackle if need be. That either leaves you with three interior spots or two in the middle and right tackle. If the Rams can retain Barksdale, that gives them an offseason to help build up the interior and then spend the future adding to Robinson and the new interior pieces to form a more credible line than what the Rams have used since the GSOT days.

We'll just have to see where Bazooka Joe is headed next now that he's leaving Nashville.