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Fan Approval Poll: Snisher off Hot Seat?

How do you feel about Les Snead and Jeff Fisher?

Billy Hurst-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week, the TST staff shared their opinions on the Rams regime. Fan support for Fisher and Snead has wavered at times, but the latest Les Snead robbery has reinvigorated some fans.

Snisher Approval Polls 2014

After seeing the staff thoughts on the regime, how do YOU currently feel about Snisher?

Is 2015 the "show me" year where Jeff Fisher's and Les Snead's plans have to materialize in a winning season and playoff berth? Are they on track to "succeed", however you as a Rams fan define that for 2015?

Bottom line is as we get through this offseason and into the 2015 calendar, we'll be offering up the approval poll to be able to keep the graph above extended. The only way we get that done is if you do your duty!

We'll swing back around after the draft to update this, so base your vote solely off how you feel they're doing here and now.