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Random Ramsdom 4/10: Sorry Barks, Time to Focus on Draft

Have the Rams moved on from Barks?

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

10 For 10 | ESPN NFL Nation

ESPN's Nick Wagoner profiles several players that could be available to the Rams at #10. Marcus MariotaAmari Cooper, and Brandon Scherff have been profiled so far.

Barksdale Finally Visits Titans | 3k

Joe Barksdale makes his move.

Fins Targeting White | CBS Sports

If Kevin White is available at #10, Les could be wheeling and dealing again.

Small School Sleepers | The Sporting News

The Rams have shown that they're not afraid of targeting small school players. Could they be targeting some of these players?

Cann to Rams? 3k Makes it Happen

If we can get Cooper at #10 and Cann at #41, I'd personally be stoked.

Can St Louis Afford to Lose the Rams? |

Simple answer? Nope.

What is Kiper Smoking?

Perriman at 10? As the hipsters say.... GTFOH

For the stat geeks out there....

PFF tackled the 2015 RB class (Part 1Part 2) and the WR class (Part 1Part 2). They also offered their thought on WR studssleepersbust candidates, and projects.

Don't forget your Draft Porn