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100 Worst Rock n' Roll Songs of All Time: #30-21

Hey Rockers! We're breaking into the top 25 of our complete and unabridged rockopedia of the worst Rock n' Roll of all time! Get ready to not rock!

Bryan Steffy/Getty Images

♫....♪...[song ends]

"Whoo! Yeah! You know...whoo...♫...[applause] we've been all over the world...the country...ho, man...whoo! Yeah, baby....we've been on tour for over a year now.. ♪...[applause] Yeah!...Man, I can tell you...whoo!...I can tell you...oh man...yeah!..♫..we've been every man [applause]...we've been...whoo!!...Yeah, we've been all over the world and I only know one thing!

[your city]  ROCKS!  [wild applause]

-Every concert ever

Let's get not rockin'!

30. Ordinary Average Guy, Joe Walsh
A litany of boring redundancy, but also some tiresome replication, with some monotonous recapitulation.

29. Turbo Lover, Judas Priest
A litany of boring redundancy, but also some tiresome replication, with some monotonous recapitulation.

28. All I Have to do is Dream, Everly Brothers
Even in 1958, bands knew how to epically suck.

27. Bad to the Bone, George Thoroughgood
Back when dinosaurs ruled the Earth, I liked this song. Then it was smashed and thrashed into an amorphous blotch, until only the most pathetic of mid-life crisis-havin' phony tough guys still like it.

26. War Pigs, Black Sabbath
Hippie-Metal? GTFO

25. Every Rose Has it's Thorn, Poison
When he is old enough, take your son on a fishing trip, just you and him. After a spot of fishing, turn to him, very gravely and say, "Son, there's something we have to talk about."
"What's up?"
"Son, Glam-Metal, sucks" Then put this song on. Yes, it's cruel, but it is for his own good.
Once the screams and convulsions subside, share a father/son beer and do some bonding.

24. 10,000 Fists, Disturbed
40 years of metal and some bands, like Iron Maiden and Disturbed never heard of this thing called "Melody"

23. If I Close My Eyes Forever, Ozzy Osbourne & Lita Ford
A metal love song duet? This works about as well as Billy Milano backstage at a One Direction concert.

22. Turn Up the Radio, Autograph
The most cynically obvious play for airtime- ever. It sucks.

21. Beth, Kiss
For a few moments, KISS forgot that they were a joke. The result was this atrocity.

That's it for today Rockomaniacs! Check in Monday as we near the top ten!