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2015 NFL Draft: Top Ten Picks For Pick Number Ten

If you could pick anyone at the tenth pick of the 2015 NFL draft, that might have a chance of still being around, who would it be? Here's my list of ten guys I would love to see in horns next year...

Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

The Rams find themselves in a peculiar position in this years draft. They are not high enough to get one of the true premiere players - with the exception one -  and they aren't low enough to feast on the fruits of this years draft, which is flushed with late first round talent. They're also in prime position for a trade down based on players that might slide due to a crammed top five picks.

I define a premiere player as someone who is not only a game changer and can impact the team immediate, but also someone who has so few flaws and questions that they are likely to start at a high level for the next 10 years.

The premiere players in this years draft are highly likely to all be gone in the top five picks. But there is one that might still be around come pick ten. That guy's name is Amari Cooper. The drafts most pro ready receiver, and arguably the safest pick in the draft. With that being said, there are still a lot of players that the Rams could target.

Here are the ten players I would like to see rock'n the horns this coming fall:

10. Marcus Mariota: This one is pretty simple. You get Mariota and let him sit, groom him, try and mold the hell out of him. If Nick Foles takes care of business than Mariota can be used as leverage, if Nick Foles stinks, pray you did enough molding.

9. Cameron Erving: Versatility is the name of the game. Which happens to be one of Jeff Fishers favorite things to look for in a player. He's good at everything but not necessarily great at nothing.

8. Andrus Peat: Arguably the best pass blocker in the draft, which has been a major struggle for the Rams. This would be a huge step in the right direction. The downside is he's not nearly as good at run blocking.

7. Ereck Flowers: Super physical and has flashed legit potential. If developed correctly could be a helluva tackle or guard. More versatility is something Jeff Fisher will never ignore.

6. Trae Waynes: Two of the Rams top three corners are free agents after the season, this could be a cheaper and possibly better alternative than one of the two.

5. Shane Ray: Can never have enough pass rushers....

4. Kevin White: Has arguably the highest ceiling in the draft. Freaky good athlete and not a bad receiver either. Ala Julio Jones coming out.

3. La'el Collins: Basically a more consistent and experienced version of Flowers

2. Brandon Scherff: the most polished and versatile of all the drafts lineman and he has a nastiness that rears its head often

1. Amari Cooper: Could very well be the safest pick in the draft. It seems very likely he continues the trend of rookie 1000 yard receivers. In other words the Rams ticket to stop bringing up Tory Holt every time some mentions receiver.

There you have it folk. So, who would you all rank as the top ten players you would want to pick that might be available at number ten?