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100 Worst Rock n' Roll Songs of All Time: #80-71

100 Worst Rock 'n Roll Songs of All Time continues! Our next 10 selections feature some true heavyweights! No band is safe. If it sucks, it will be here!

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It seems that I have made a new friend or two lately. Helpful little chaps they are! Just full of wonderful advice! For instance, one of my new friends, Jesse had this to say, in response to my last "100 Worst" article...

[via twitter, since deleted] Charles, just a guess, but you probably don't know the first thing about playing music whatsoever so you resort to negative vibes...

Now, I know you were just trying to help Jesse, but I nearly got my feeling hurt. You see, at first, I thought that you did indeed have a valid point, but then I remembered that I played trumpet in my high school band! We played "Louie, Louie" and everything. So, there's that, but then I also got to thinking, "Are you, Jesse, a politician?" Maybe I am way off base here, but it seems that if you aren't, you probably shouldn't be voting. That seems about right, doesn't it?

Anyway, you really made me think and I appreciate the help Jesse. Keep those helpful little tweets coming

On to the music!

80. Hotel California, The Eagles
Oh yeah...I went there. Perennially billed as one of the best of all time, no one stops to consider that this song actually, in fact, sucks.

79. Born to be Wild, Steppenwolf
The anthem of fat, aging baby-boomers, who take a draw from their 401k to buy a $25,000 "Hog" and hit the road, whilst recalling their heroic days in Canada avoiding the draft.

78. Sleeping Bag, ZZ Top
No description needed, it just sucks.

77. Nothing Else Matters, Metallica
On an entire album that sucks, this song is a standout....

76. Strawberry Fields Forever, The Beatles
As my bro Keith is fond of saying, "The Beatles got better, the more drugs they used". Coming along at about the 3/4 mark of the Fab Four's drug usage, they just didn't quite trip enough the day they recorded this.

75. Immigrant Song, Led Zeppelin
O' lord! This is tedious.

74. Pinball Wizard, The Who
Oh, I know. If one doesn't like this song, you are supposed to "respect" it...rock opera, all that crap...Tommy...blah, blah, blah. If it was farce, I may be able to, but it really is garbage.

73. Where the Streets Have No Name, U2
An entire band built around whining as a form of lyrical expression.

72. Tonight, Tonight, Tonight, Genesis
The sad part is, this is one of the more tolerable Genesis songs.

71. Like a Rock, Bob Seger

The ever narcissistic Mr. Seger, bemoans his approaching middle-agedness by recalling his days as a young stud-muffin. His humility and gracious acceptance of the inevitable really shine through in this heart warming ditty used to sell good 'ol 'Murkin trucks.

Stay tuned for more, Rockomaniacs!