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Straight Up: Would You Trade Tavon Austin for Nick Foles? [Poll]

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The St. Louis Rams have shown an interest in Eagles’ quarterback Nick Foles. Would you be willing to give up Tavon Austin if it landed the team a much-needed QB?

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Last night, prior to heading to bed after a long day of watching 31 NFL teams be linked at least one free agent, I reached out - on Twitter - to a single player I thought might help the St. Louis Rams in 2015.

Approximately 14 hours later, my prayers were answered.  Well, sort of.  The Allbright Tweet brought about a glimmer of hope for Rams’ fans eager for the team to land a new quarterback.  It brought about...well, something to talk about for everyone else.

I just so happen to work with a few Philadelphia Eagles fans, and when I mentioned to them the latest buzz, their immediate response was "would you guys give us Tavon Austin?"  Huh?  It was at that time it became evident that NFL fans have yet to forget the Colts game from 2013.

I thought I’d see if my co-worker’s sentiments were matched by those on Twitter.  And to no surprise....

So it’s out there.  And I thought I’d ask Rams’ Twitter what they thought...

A good amount of fans - the ones not thrilled with watching it’s smallest wide receiver run between Davin Joseph and Joe Barksdale - appeared ready to move on...

And then there’s these guys...

The question, Turf Show Times’ faithful, is would you trade Tavon Austin straight up for Nick Foles?  There, of course, are potential alternatives like adding/swapping draft picks, but for the sake of continuity, would you make this move if it were strictly two players changing teams?