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Turf Show Radio: Season 7, Episode 1 - Free Agency, 2015 NFL Draft, Sam Bradford, Nick Foles and Tacos

It's podcast time.

And out of the shadows, a figure appears...

Turf Show Radio is back for our seventh (wow) season this Thursday at 9pm ET. You can listen at that link on Thursday night when the show goes live.

Trying to line up some other guests, but I can already confirm we'll have Dan Kadar from Mocking the Draft, SB Nation's NFL Draft superpagewebsiteplace. You can bet we'll be talking about his newest mock from today on the show.

Have a question you want answered on-air? You've got a couple options.

1.) Call in to the show! I'll take calls at some point during the show, and you should be one of them. Disagree with something I've said recently? Have a wacky idea to throw out there? Make it happen. Just ring a ding at (347) 857-1022 and you can be part of TSR.

2.) Drop a comment in this thread. I'll try to get to all/the best/maybe the least dumb comment or question in here, so have at it.

3.) Did you know TST has a Facebook page and a Twitter feed? We say words at those two places! You can too!

If you've missed an episode, check out the TSR archives on iTunes. Be it ever so simple to get TSR tunes in your earholes.

Turf Show Radio is back!